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Your Smart Alarm

With 10 customizable modules for news information and social media, Clockwise is your #1 source for hearing the top content to get your day started.

Module Variety

Hear the weather for your area, or check out the twitter feed of your favorite celebrity, and even get the fun fact of the day. With Clockwise, everyone can wake up to interesting content.

Speech Customization

Clockwise allows you to select a custom voice so you can customize your alarm narrator to be whatever voice you please.

Dynamic Content

Your modules get updated information right when the alarm goes off, making sure you are always hearing new exciting content.


Simple Use

Clockwise has 3 simple steps for you to get set up and wake up to interesting content

1. Create your modules

Simply go to the create module screen, select a module, choose your content settings and save. Congrats on creating your first module! Create as many as you want.

2. Set the alarm

Using our time selectors, set the time you want the alarm to fire. Then, set the days you want the alarm to go off at that time. Tap the off button to switch it to on. Now your alarm is set. You can use the settings dropdown to set the alarm tone or snooze options.

3. Wait to wake up

Now that your alarm is set, you can comfortably wake up to your favorite alarm tone and hear your morning content. It's that easy!

Extra Features

Clockwise includes several extra widgets to help improve your wake up experience.

Module Ordering

Want to hear about traffic before sports? Want to start your morning with a fun fact? Module ordering allows you to pick when you want to hear certain modules.

Accessible Editing

Want to remove your weather module? Maybe you want to hear a different twitter feed this morning? Clockwise makes editing super simple and available on the main screen. Click a module, change your settings in the dropdown in real time, click save, and your done!

Advanced Alarm Settings

Don't like the default alarm tone? Okay let's change it. Maybe you want to snooze a little longer than yesterday? No problem. The readily available settings dropdown allows you to quickly change your alarm tone, set your snooze time, and change your speech settings.



With single, custom, and toggle type modules, there is a large variety of content for you to make your next wakeup experience inspiring.


Here is our list of modules